Antidotum Airshow Leszno ’21

On Jun. 18th and 19th, a unique spectacle is bound to return to the Leszno sky. Antidotum Airshow Leszno is a unique celebration of aviation that has proven, that even in uncertain times, one can create a beautiful and safe air show event.
The air show in Leszno has become a standing element of the Polish and European air show calendars. This time, we will go to great lengths to create something magnificent and unique for you.
Yet again, you will be able to admire aircraft aerobatics – solo and team ones, helicopters and jets of Polish and foreign air forces, glider displays, paramotors, paragliders, and many things beyond that.
Night displays with live music and pyrotechnics – the trademark of the Leszno show – would also be a part of our program. See you in Leszno!

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Displays / schedule

Click here.


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Please, buy the tickets over the Internet, due to the COVID-19 restrictions. The tickets would be name-specific, and the price is the same as last year. Ticket official site.

Regular – 30 PLN
Discounted (Age 3-12) – 20 PLN
Children (Age 0-3) – FREE
People with disabilities – FREE (please contact via email in order to get ticket, email: antidotum@ticketmaster.pl)
Parking – PLN 20 PLN/day/vehicle

 Please note, that tickets bought on the date of event (on site) would entail a PLN 5 surcharge (PLN 35/25)


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How to get here?


The only way to get to the main car park close to the event grounds is located at the gate of the Leszno Airfield in the ul. Kosmonautów. Parking fee: PLN 20/day.

GPS: 51°50’10.1″N 16°31’56.6″E (51.836132, 16.532380)

Due to the traffic constraints (the Szybowników street, between the city center and the airfield, is undergoing modernization works), you can reach the event grounds from two directions:

  • from the South – Leszno Zachód exit (if you’re coming via expressway S5 from Wrocław/Poznan): ul. Szybowników (DK 12), then take the left turn behind the Lotos gas station into ul. Kosmonautów, and then drive directly to the event entrance gate.
  • from the North / Święciechowa / Leszno city: follow ul. Leszczyńska, and then ul. Kosmonautów, and then, direct to the gate.


You can quickly and easily reach Leszno by taking a train. The train station is located around 3 kilometers from the airfield. You can come to the event by bus (schedule here), or by taking a taxi (the cost is around PLN 25).


The best, and the most healthy route there is. The bicycle parking area, where you can use your U-lock to secure the bikes, would be arranged in front of the entrance. You can also enter the showground with your bike on you.


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We will do everything in our power to make the Antidotum Airshow in Leszno the best, and safest aviation event of 2021. One should take into account the danger posed by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

To minimize the risks, all safety measures and procedures arising on the grounds of the latest recommendations and restrictions tied to COVID-19 would be implemented, and this would also be based on our experience from the previous year.

The main safety principles include:

  • You need to cover your mouth and nose, throughout the event’s duration
  • You need to maintain social distancing: at least 2 meters between the individual persons
  • Please disinfect your hands regularly, especially when entering and leaving the showground
  • Please stay within the designated areas only

Let us recall – people currently suffering from COVID-19 or infected with SARS-CoV-2, people in quarantine or isolation, and people who had direct contact with an infected person 14 days before the event would be prohibited from taking part in the show.

More COVID-19 information would be provided via the website and via social media regularly, depending on the changing circumstances. We encourage you to follow the recommendations issued by the government – link here.

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Would the event program be identical for Friday and Saturday?

On both days, the program would be similar. It would involve a day and night show with live music, and a pyro show to end each day. The detailed schedule would be updated in an ongoing manner. The show program can also be found here.

What is the timeline for the air show?

Opening hours (gates open/close):

Friday: 2.00 PM – 11.00 PM

Saturday: 2.00 PM – 11.00 PM

 Timeline for the air show:

 Friday: 5.00 PM – 10.30 PM

Saturday: 5.00 PM – 10.30 PM

Where is the venue at which the Leszno Antidotum Airshow 2021 would be taking place?

Leszno Antidotum Airshow 2021 would be taking place at the Leszno airfield (EPLS) in ul. Szybowników 28 in Leszno (Postal Code: 64-100). You can enter the car park via the ul. Kosmonautów MAP

 Would the event program be identical for Friday and Saturday?

Of course! As in the case of every edition of our event, we are planning an exhibition of military equipment, participation of the reenactment groups, while the kids will enjoy the playground and a theme park.

Can one come with a dog?

Yes, provided it would be kept on a leash and with a muzzle. As the air shows are noisy, we recommend that you leave your pet in a safe and more peaceful location.

 Where can one leave a bicycle?

In front of the entrance gate, there will be a designated space where one can lock his/her bike. You can also enter the showground, with your bike.

 Can I bring my own food or drinks?

Yes – but only non-alcoholic beverages are permitted. A varied food court would be available on the showground as well, so anybody will find something for him/herself.

Will one be able to buy the tickets on-site?

We encourage you to buy the tickets online – follow the link here. Tickets bought on the date of event (on site) would entail a PLN 5 surcharge (PLN 35/25)

Can one change the date of the ticket (Friday to Saturday for instance)?

Yes. However, it would only be possible until June 10th, 2021. After that, you will not be allowed to change the date on the tickets. To change the ticket date, please contact us at antidotum@ticketmaster.pl

Are the tickets named?

Yes, Antidotum Air Show tickets are associated with specific names, only a person whose data is associated with the ticket can enter the showground. This results on the grounds of the COVID-19 restrictions.

I am a spotter, how can I get the media/spotter pass?

Unfortunately, it is too late to get it. Just come over, have fun, and take great pictures!

I am a person with a disability. What ticket should I get?

Persons with disabilities and/or moving around on wheelchairs can enter the showground free of charge. For more details, please contact us via antidotum@ticketmaster.pl or via the contact form. A designated parking area would be made available – close to the main entrance. The car park fee: PLN 20.

Is the car park free of charge? When would it close?

As in recent years, a parking fee would apply. PLN 20 per vehicle this year. The car park would be open between 1:30 PM and 11:30 PM, on both days.

Can I take my professional photo equipment with me?

Of course! We encourage you to take photos, and showcase them afterward!

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